The reason why I’m talking shit…

Do you know your monkey’s drinking my beer..?

Original Message – From: Will – To: WHQ : Subject : Soul Food Yard Party

hey man, saw you play on the saturday last weekend at the soul food party, enjoyed your selections a lot!

was wondering the name of the song you played which had the intro of the guy talking about jacking off and beautiful ladies, then dropped into that funky beat!?

been looking far and wide for it, looked like atlantic records from what i could see, i may be wrong but im sure u will know the one!

You hum it, I’ll play it…

Original Message – From: WHQ – To: Will : Subject : Re: Soul Food Yard Party

Hi Mate, cheers for getting in touch. Had a great time down there.

I often take snippets of rare speeches & bits of random comedy, political, 80s fitness & spoken word albums & try to stitch quotes from them into my set between tunes to kinda punctuate my selection.

That’s what I was doing there, so the words you heard when the guy was on about jacking off, were only connected to the tune that followed in that one moment live.

So I know which words you mean & the album they came off, but I’ve no idea which tune I then went into that I was using them to set up..?

The words are from an album which is on Atlantic, by a guy called Eddie Harris.

(Editor’s note: Errr… Think that’s the wrong Eddie…?!)

He was a saxophone player who peaked in the 70s.

His trademark was that he would play shows in clubs and at least 80% of his Live show would just be him talking to the audience and being as funny as fuck.

Kind of like a storyteller or stand-up comedian mixed with really great jazz.

He rambles on for so long kinda in a Richard Pryor type style & it’s so funny that the music is almost secondary, but his sax playing is actually great as well.

His biggest tune is called “it’s alright now’ from the album “That is Why You’re Overweight’. A rare groove classic…

The album which the jacking off speech comes off is called, ‘The Reason Why I’m Talking Shit’ by Eddie Harris, on Atlantic from around 1974 or six.

It is quite a rare album of him playing his whole live show in some club called the Longhorn…

Honestly it’s so fucking funny & there are several little snippets on there I regularly plunder for my sets. If you search it online there will be a vinyl copy out there somewhere, but I don’t know if it ever came out on CD as its well early for all that caper & is pretty niche…

So there you go. That’s a record well worth seeking out. If you can recall anymore about the tune I stitched it into let me know & I’ll try to work out what that was.

Cheers for coming to the do & getting in touch. Tommy X

Original Message – From: Will – To: WHQ : Subject : Re: Soul Food Yard Party

thanks a lot for putting the time into write back to me! just brought the album, been needing something different like that in my record collection for a while, looking forward to having a listen.

All i remember was walking in and either u or ur friend (Jackie Soul Jam) were playing take me im yours – mary clark and had the best 10 minutes singing along!

hope all goes well for u with world HQ will be sure to come along if the opportunity arises!

This is how we do it

Original Message – From: WHQ – To: Will : Subject : Re: Soul Food Yard Party

Always happy to Share the tunes Bro…

… Do be sure to check out the track where he’s on about the couple coming to see him & the girl in the audience shouts out about an egg… Ha!

You’ve got a great album there. Cheers, Tx