The Straight & narrow

Original message – From : This was a Facebook post we made early in 2014

(Editor’s note: In response one that had been posted online by Northumbria Police).


A while ago, Northumbria Police posted an item on Facebook regarding a robbery they incorrectly attributed, to have taken place in the Club’s offices.

This error was also printed in the local papers.

What really happened was, some kids were at the Club & went into the lift.

One of the businesses that occupy the upper floors of Curtis Mayfield House had left the floor they were on unlocked & these dafties went up there & apparently nicked some stuff from them.

This included electronic devices that were linked to (the dreaded) i cloud…

When they came back down & made off with the booty, it would appear that they used it to take photos of themselves. Daft move…..

The Feds got the ‘selfies’ they had taken with the stolen booty from the i cloud, posted them on Facebook & within a day they were all nicked.



We have resisted the (strong) temptation to post the snaps the dafties took of themselves up here & have instead, included the above movie, to illustrate this little segment, for two reasons…

‘Cos we are kind & because we don’t wish to stigmatise the poor dafties any further.

The post received over 1000 likes & hundreds of comments.

On behalf of the people who had their stuff nicked we would like thank everyone who helped apprehend the dafties.

We want the dafties to know that we feel sorry for them & since half of Newcastle now thinks WHQ must be a easy place to rob..?

We’d like to assure you all that it isn’t…

It wasn’t WHQ who had stuff stolen, it was the office of a separate business within our building.

Ok, we hope that clears it up’.