The Eager Beaver…

Will anything happen..?

Original Message – From:  Lynn  – To: WHQ – Subject: FAO Debbie – Feedback

Hi Debbie,  (Readers Voice: Gentle yawn…)

I got in touch with WHQ via Facebook and they suggested for me to contact you at this email address to feedback from a recent night out.

Are you the right person to discuss this with? If not can you let me know who is please. It’s in regards to a Saturday club night last week.

Many thanks, Lynn

Original Message – From: WHQ  – To: Lynn – Subject: Re: FAO Debbie – Feedback

Hi Lynn,

Yes I am the person to speak to.

Best wishes, Debbie.

(Readers voice : Errr – No… It wasn’t that funny the first time..!)


The Issue

Original Message – From:  Lynn  – To: WHQ – Subject: Re: FAO Debbie – Feedback

Hi again Debbie

Sorry for taking so long to respond.  It’s not a serious issue, but one that I thought you should know as it spoilt our night.

Myself and my husband were at the Prince Tribute night a couple of Saturdays ago. It’s been a while since we’ve been to WHQ so it was nice to be back there.

We’d been out to a gig beforehand so hadn’t had a lot to drink, just two in there and then another in the pub before WHQ.

We bought a drink each (JD & coke and a can of lager) and sat on the sofa near the entrance.

After about 20 mins we got up to dance and as I was dancing I noticed the glass collector wandering around checking the cans to see if they were empty, including my husbands.

 We then sat down, had another few sips and then danced again. When I got back to my seat my drink had vanished.

He had over half a can and I had about a third of a glass left. I knew it had been collected as he was the only one passing by us. I got pretty annoyed but didn’t mention it to him.

We danced again then I bought an orange juice. We stood next to the pillar where our drinks were then went to the toilets and then danced again.

I saw the lad pass and shake then leave my husband’s drink again. We had another dance and once again I got back to where we were standing and my drink was gone.

I had probably only drank half of it.

I stopped the lad as he passed (he was moving from table to table/pillar non stop picking up glasses, other than to mop the floor now and again) and told him he’d collected a drink that was still being used.

Being honest, he replied but I’m not 100% what he said, probably something about collecting drinks if there looks like there’s no-one there.

I didn’t buy another drink as I felt that I’d had 2 drinks spoiled and didn’t want to give the club any more of my money for what was already an expensive night.

We danced again and sure enough when we got back the can was gone. There probably only a quarter of a can at this point, but still, not finished.

We weren’t dancing miles away from the pillar, just a couple of feet, and although I was looking over at my bag and drinks, I couldn’t watch it constantly while I was dancing.

We were out as a couple, so unless we took out drinks on the dancefloor or dance one at a time, we’d have to risk leaving them somewhere in view to allow us to have a dance. We’ve done this before in other venues and never had any issues.

While I appreciate the lad was doing his job he was being far too keen to whip drinks away before they were finished. Sometimes being over diligent is as bad as being lazy, especially as it means customers are paying for drinks that they’re not allowed to fully enjoy.

I’m interested in reading your thoughts on the matter.



One way or another

Original Message – From: WHQ  – To: Lynn – Subject: RE: FAO Debbie – Feedback

Hi Lynn,

I have passed this up to the Dj on the night & owner of WHQ. His reply is below…

Hi Lynn,

Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention, I can imagine what  pain it was for you both on the night!

It’s honestly simply down to an ‘eager beaver’ new staff member, who started that night, being over zealous & trying to impress us, with his imagined definition of ‘efficiency’.

I’m pretty sure that I already know who it will be & I’ll have a chat to the lad, to get him back in line & I am really thankful you have let me know, giving me the opportunity to do that.

If it’s happening to you, common sense tells me it’s his overall game plan & that will need adjusting so he doesn’t irritate any more of our customers.

I’d like to make it up to you & thank you, for taking the time top reach out to us in such detail.

It’s only by people who care about the Club, pointing out when at times, odd mistakes we may miss happen, that we can continue to evolve & improve as a Club.

If you let me know the next time you’d like to come to any upcoming WHQ event, I’ll list you & your group, as my free guests & I’ll get the drinks in for you when you get here.

Just drop Deb an e mail & she’ll make sure I know when you’ll be coming.

I’d also like to send you a couple of our fly, cute, T shirts, to add to your Summer wardrobe, so If you can e mail Debbie your address we’ll see they go out you.

Once again, apologies for the pain in the arse it must have been & thank you both, for choosing to deal with situation in such a positive & constructive way.

Best wishes, Tommy x.

Original Message – From:  Lynn  – To: WHQ – Subject: FAO Debbie – Feedback

Hi Debbie

Thanks for passing this over to Tommy to give him the chance to respond, that’s really appreciated. I’ll let you know when we can get down again. It may be a while but I’ll make it before you forget who I am!

In response: Hi Tommy 

Thanks for taking the time to respond that’s very decent of you, and really kind to offer drinks and goodies, too kind really! I’ll get in touch with Debbie as you’ve suggested, thank you.

I know if it was my venue I’d want to know if my customers weren’t completely happy, and have the chance to respond before they took it to Facebook for an almighty moan.

You’re right he must be doing it to others too although it’s less likely if you’re in a crowd and there’s someone there to look after the drinks. This is why I thought I’d let you know.

I thought the team at WHQ would appreciate it so I’m pleased I did.

Hope he’s OK with his mini training session.

Thanks for what was otherwise an amazing night. The irony of it being I’d had a couple of occasions at other venues recently where I’d requested Prince and they didn’t play him.

I’ll bet they’ve played him on more than few occasions since then. Anyway, I certainly got what I wanted at your night albeit under tragic circumstances. 

Thanks again

Lynn X



Original Message – From: WHQ  – To: Lynn – Subject: RE: FAO Debbie – Feedback

You couldn’t be more welcome.

Love Debbie x.