Original message – From : Joanne – To : WHQ : Subject Striptease event.

Hi im wondering how much your costs are to hire your venue for a night???

We’ve just had to cancel our last venue and were in the middle of trying to get this event organised/advertised so im enquiring to a few venues in Newcastle to see how many it holds?

What night it’s available? Wether your able to allow adult events( were holding a strip competition for a new troupe aka Strip Idol)?

Wether our artists would need to bring there own pa’s???

If you could let me know asap please ,as I say weve just been dropped right in it… Thanks you – Joanne.


no, we’re pyjamas…

Original message – From : WHQ – To : Joanne : Subject Striptease event.

Hi Joanne,

Thanks for your enquiry.

We do host some really classy, female promoted, burlesque events…

But full on striptease shows aren’t something we wish to host & are not a direction we want to take our Club in ever.

For us to get involved with that type of thing would not only piss off a lot of our female members, it would also go directly against what our Club stands for.

So sorry, but we can’t possibly get WHQ involved with this type of show.

Good luck in finding a venue. Best wishes, WHQ.