Sky’s not the limit

The Pitch

Original message – From : Gemmima Slackpunt – To : WHQ : Subject : Filming at WHQ 12/10/13

I’m writing from Sky television’s highest rated youth culture / lifestyle magazine show ‘What’s Up’.

We are doing an item on the nightlife in Newcastle & have selected your club, World Headquarters, to film our piece at for series 5 to be aired in January 2014.

We think having your club on the show would be a great opportunity for your club. and the city of Newcastle, to be promoted in a positive light.

This item will highlight the fact that clubs are more than just drinking and getting violent. We want to show the club scene in a positive light.

Our target audience is 18-25 year olds in the UK. Our main aim of this item is to inform our audience about popular places to go in the UK, in this case Newcastle, and your club is one of them. Our show reaches half a million viewers, and that number is increasing.

Our current series is on air at the moment. We air at 5pm on a Saturday, repeated Sunday at 10am, broadcasted on Pick TV (formally Sky Three) Freeview channel 11.Our show has done interviews with a vast majority of acts from Professor Green, to NDubz, to Dizzee Rascal.

Newcastle is known for its fantastic nightlife and this item will be a great way to demonstrate and promote that in a fun and positive way. We’re looking at Newcastle, because that seems to be the place that everyone is visiting for a good night out.

A few things that we will need on the night of filming include a spare room for us to place our filming equipment and kit, some non-alcoholic beverages for our presenters to drink while on screen and if possible, a bouncer to make sure that our crew, equipment and presenters stay safe whilst filming.

We will also need to arrive before your club opens to the public in order to set up our equipment, place notices around to let the public know that we will be filming and to look at any possible health and safety risks that may be apparent.

Apart from being featured on our show, we will also give you either verbal or written credit as a thank you.

To contact me directly, please e mail me back, or you can reach me at my office.

I look forward to your reply. 

Thank you. Best, Gem Slackpunt – Researcher.

The facts

(Editor’s note: We shall now demonstrate the position Newcastle based, Sky TV reality shows hold with WHQ Club, using the both the medium of one canine & several comedians….)

Sounds like a no

Original message – From : WHQ – To : Gemmima Slackpunt  : Subject : Re: Filming at WHQ 12/10.13

Hi Gem,

Thanks for the e mail, it’s quite hard to tell from the way you have worded it, but I assume you are actually asking (& not just telling) us to take part..?

With that in mind, this is not something we can agree to get involved in, without a getting a little more context from you first.

We are an Underground Club that advertises mainly by word of mouth & via our website, so we’re not sure we’re comfortable with the idea of WHQ being sold on a TV channel, in a manner we have no control over.

TV recently has in general, shown Newcastle nightlife in a very negative light.

Shows like ‘Geordie Shore’ & ‘Bouncers’, have cashed in on the ‘let’s all laugh at Newcastle’ vibe, that helps their ratings, peddling clichéd portrayals, of drunken, ignorant, northern idiots.

We appreciate that you say that isn’t what you are doing, but as we don’t think we know you & the image of WHQ is very important to us, we are very careful as to how & in what context we endorse it being presented.

WHQ Club is separate from the mainstream city nightlife scene & we are independent, so we’ll need some more info to consider this…

Can you let us know which other places in Newcastle you will be featuring on your show, as that will give us a better idea of what you are about.

Also can you tell us if you have been to WHQ Club before & if not, how you came to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to ask us to feature in your show? Can you also let us know who the producer of this show is..?

We shall also watch your show on Saturday to get a better idea of what you present. Once we have the insight those things will give us, we’ll get straight back to you Josephine.

Thanks again for thinking of us & getting in touch. Best wishes, WHQ.

The Pitch continues

Original message – From : Gemmima Slackpunt : To : WHQ : Subject : Re: Filming at WHQ 12/10/13

Hi again,

Sorry if my email sounded abrupt, we are, of course, asking for permission to film at World Headquarters.

We wouldn’t ‘sell’ WHQ per se, but we want to look at the different types of clubs, pubs and experiences that a person can have in Newcastle.

So far, we have gotten permission from Bijoux, Sam Jacks, Blu Bambu and Cosmic Ballroom.

We may also be featuring Hootchie Cootchie.

(Editor’s note: Ouch! Spelling!! Friends of ours!)

We’re mainly focusing on the music played and the environment that these venues offer, rather than, for example, the prices of drinks or how ‘drunk’ a person can get.

I’ve watched Geordie Shore and Bouncers, and can tell you that we will not be portraying Newcastle in the same light.

Best, Gem Slackpunt – Researcher

It is a no

Original message – From : WHQ – To : Gemmima Slackpunt  Subject : Re: Filming at WHQ 12/10/13

Hi again Gemmima, Think we’ll have to respectfully decline the offer to participate in the show.

Whilst we appreciate what you are trying to do, keeping World HQ truly Underground is really important to us here…



We aim to offer a real independent alternative to the types of mainstream places you have on your list.

We appreciate that you have a mass TV audience, can offer prime time national TV exposure to participants & we’d imagine that many, if not all the venues you have listed, will doubtless have bitten your hand off to be involved – We get that.

But beyond the publicity / mass TV exposure factor (which we are not really bothered about) unfortunately, we can’t see any positives for WHQ, by being presented on national television alongside places like the ones you are visiting.

Hoochie Coochie puts on some fab shows & it’s not like all the rest are really bad places or anything daft like that, it’s just they are all part of the general Newcastle scene & mostly the polar opposite of what we do & represent at WHQ.

We have spent years quietly building our own little separate culture, well way from the rest of the cities over-hyped ‘nightlife’.

Please rest assured that we say no to lots of other similar requests, so it’s nothing about your initial approach that has turned us off.

It’s simply a wish to be left alone to develop separately from the city’s mainstream scene & to run a Club fueled solely by reputation, face to face recommendation, the strength of the music we play & the shows we put on…

Good luck with the show, we appreciate you asking us to take part & we do hope you are able to achieve what you seek.

We’ll be sure to tune in & watch it when it airs.

Best wishes, WHQ x.

Will the pitch ever end..?

Original message – From : Gemmima Slackpunt– To : WHQ : Subject : Re: Filming at WHQ 12/10/13

Good afternoon & thanks you for letting me know. We also have an online section.

We could focus solely on WHQ & talk to you about what makes WHQ different. This way, your club won’t be aired with the other nightclubs in Newcastle.

We would ask you about WHQ, your aim & goal as a club, as well as how it is different to the commercial clubs in Newcastle.

If this is of interest to you, please let me know as soon as poss.

Have a lovely day, Thanks Gem.

Let’s try another no

Original message – From : WHQ – To :Gemmima  Slackpunt  : Subject : Re: Filming at WHQ 12/10/13

Sorry to take so long to reply Gem, mad busy at the minute with shows. We’re going to pass thanks.

Thanks again for the offer. Best wishes, WHQ.

Original message – From :Gemmima Slackpunt  – To : WHQ : Subject : Re: Filming at WHQ 12/10/13

At last..!

No worries have a lovely night – Gem.

The cult of separatism

We haven’t ever seen this show aired, so maybe we missed it or it’s not happened yet? Anyway, we were impressed with Gem & the way she mellowed out after her initial e mail.

It’s always a mistake to automatically just assume that we will participate in anything except running our Club.

We like to keep a low profile, away from the rest of the stuff that goes on in the city.


Sometimes that makes some people (who don’t think things through properly) assume we are some kind of obscure cult, of mad separatists (or whatever), but we’re not at all…

(Editor’s note: As someone now deep in our site, you know the deal with us & that for daft people think like that is a great, big, silly mistake…

At WHQ we actually worship – musical & racial harmony, the Natural World & our Club Dog Ronnie, who has her own fully comprehensive section – over in Stuff we Like.

Plus, we believe strongly in making in a better, more inclusive Newcastle for everyone – through example & over 4 separate decades…

Thus, we invite you to get your little noggin around the following image…)

Ok – We all got that..? A great, big, silly mistake.

(Editor’s note: Good, let’s move on – Now here’s another great, big & silly mistake, that would be easy for any other would-be idiot to make…)

Whoops..! x