The Casino Shakedown

Original Message – From: Chelsea Ruiz – To : WHQ : Subject : Content for

Hello, I was wondering if you accepted sponsored or guest content on your site at all?

I have been looking for relevant sites to use for an online casino client and a betting site client for this months campaigns, as well as building relationships with webmasters.

I’m looking to provide a high quality article that is specifically tailored for your site.

My budget for this campaign is 200 GBP this month due to writer’s fees, but if you’d be willing to work with us on that budget this time around, I’d be happy to send over more campaigns for you on a regular basis.

(Editor’s note: Errr… does it look like it would be for sale..?)

If you prefer to write your own content to keep in line with your site this is, of course, also a possibility

(Editor’s note: patronising git)

Just so you can see what I am proposing I have included a reading sample of an already published article. The content of individual articles can be tailored to any topic.

Because the deadline is fast approaching for this campaign, I’m looking for a fast collaboration.

Please let me know if you are interested and if we can come to an agreement quickly I can schedule immediate payment for you.

Kind regards Chelsea.


you seem hungry- wanna try some hippopotamus..?

Original Message – From: WHQ – To : Chelsea Ruiz : Subject : Content for

Hi Chelsea, You are either insane or you haven’t done your research…

We are an Underground Nightclub, established to promote racial harmony & music. As such, we have absolutely no interest in this whatsoever.

We don’t gamble on anything but our own abilities & in terms of it’s (lack of) benefit to society, we see the whole gambling industry as the opposite of everything we stand for, wish to support, or represent.

All online gambling does is exploit vulnerable people & turn them into addicts, so the idea of promoting anything to do with online casinos on our site, is something we would never allow in a million years.

Rare as it may seem these days, at WHQ we have principles & they are not for sale, to you or anyone else.

Had you bothered to read our site properly, prior to contacting us, you should have been able to work that out.

So, with the greatest respect, please don’t contact us again with any other exploitative nonsense, designed to make your Casino clients rich, at the expense of our customers, supporters & friends.

Love, WHQ x.

(Editor’s note: Our honest opinion of the gambling ‘industry’ is clearly expressed from 0.17 seconds in…)