I’ll share a story

Original message – From : Ryan James – To : WHQ : Subject : A question about working together on an article for your website

Hello, I am emailing you today to see if you would be happy working together on a guest post for your website

The article would be of high quality and around 500 words long, if you choose to accept you will compensated generously. If you would like to work together please let me know & I will send over more detailed information about Client, Article, Topic & Compensation.

I look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards, Ryan James – Digital Media Agent.



We’ll share reality

Original message – From : WHQ – To : Ryan James : Subject : Re: A question about working together on an article for your website

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for getting in touch. Our website is for fans of our Club.

Any businesses we mention on there, are featured because we know & like them. Any opinions on there are simply the ones we hold.

We don’t use it for external advertising, income generation, or to represent people, or companies that are not connected to us, as we don’t want to sell out & undermine our credibility, so we won’t be able to get involved with this.

Basically, you have nothing to do with us, so why would we pretend that you do in exchange for money..?

Thanks for noticing our site though & thinking of us. Best wishes WHQ x.