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Original Message – From: Mat  – To: WHQ  – Subject : New submission from Contact Us


I popped in to WHQ the other night (26th) for what was to be a very enjoyable, dance-filled and wonderful night.

Unfortunately when buying for a drink I was short changed due the bar-tender presuming I had only had a provided a ten when in fact it was a twenty.

I completely understand that this may happen once in a while and have a lot of empathy for the chap serving me.

Who wouldn’t be feeling a little tired at 2am on a busy night eh?

Though on asking him about this, with change in hand, I was met with a surprising amount of hostility that I didn’t expect.

After waiting to chat for a bit, I gave up as I could see that all the bar staff were awfully busy and I would much rather dance wildly and indulge in the company of my fellow soul-jammers.

I entirely see this as a problem that we cannot resolve after this little mishap since you would have to invest a lot of trust in someone that has only sent you an e-mail.

Though if there is anyway in bestowing extra care in managing money it may leave any future WHQ-goers, who have the same fortune, a little less disgruntled.

I will always be a fan of your top quality establishment and wish you all the best in the year to come!



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Original Message – From: WHQ – To : Mat – Subject : Re: New submission from Contact Us

Hi Mat,

Thanks for the heads up & for approaching us about it in such a reasonable manner.

Our upstairs till was ten pounds up that night, so send us your bank deets & we’ll wire you over a tenner.

Sorry for the mix up!

Cheers, Debbie x.