it’s like candi

Original Message– From: Lucy – To : WHQ Subject : Last Friday night

Hi, I came last Friday night, for the first time & I just wanted to say how amazing I thought it was.

At the end of the set, the (insanely good) Dj played ‘You Got the Love’ with the lights turned down & I don’t think I’ve ever drunkenly enjoyed a song so much!

Am really gutted we have just found this place now, when we are all moving home next week after (hopefully!) completing degrees, but we are all definitely going to come down on Bank Holiday Sunday for our last night out up here.

I honestly never do anything like this, but I just wanted to say how great it was. Lucy xxx.


we’re quite handy

Original Message– From: WHQ – To : Lucy Subject : Last Friday night

Hey Lucy, Thanks for your kind words! A lot of students take a while to realise we are here. There is so much else on in town, especially for students, we are easy to miss if you don’t happen the hear about us from people you know, who already come here.

Some people go through their whole degrees just visiting mainstream places in the middle of town, because that’s where all their chums go.

The fact we are like a ‘best kept secret’, we feel adds charm to what we do & the music we play means a lot to us, so we are really, really glad to have been given the opportunity to give you such a class & vivid memory to take away with you.

We’re always here, so anytime you & your pals are back in town, you’ll be able to seek us out for more of the same. Thanks again for your kind words & for taking the time to e mail in, it’s been lovely to hear from you.

We always say – do good things & good things will happen to you & it was a really thoughtful & nice touch.

Best wishes & love always WHQ xx.