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Hello, I just wanted to say thank you so much to the bouncers working last night at the Beyoncé night.

One (a guy with a beard) came over last night when my friend was crying sat on the floor, we thought he was going to kick her out for seeming too drunk so we explained she was just upset about a boy and he squatted down with us and was so so lovely to her and ended up cheering her up.

Him and the other bouncers who had seen then checked up on us every time we walked past after that. So so nice to see them genuinely be so concerned about her.

Thought they should get some recognition for it so if you could pass on our thanks! Good job whq bouncers x



Original Message  – From: WHQ – To: Georgia – Subject : Re: New submission from Contact Us

Hi Georgia,

Thanks for getting in touch, we really appreciate your feedback.

As you probably are already aware, door staff have certain stigma attached to them & we try our best to handpick the friendliest & most easy going, in-keeping with our overall vibe.

By the sound of it you had a great night, other than having to look after your poor friend, which we’re really glad about. We hope she recovers from her boy related trauma as soon as possible.

We & Paul (the hairy faced door baboon), hope to see you again soon!

Best Wishes, WHQ x

In Closing…

He’s a chivalrous lad is Wor Paul – Dreamy eyes…