the WHQ Appreciation society

Not everyone comes at us with feint compliments, thinly disguising daft beefs & gripes.

Many, more open minded people really get what we do & are not quite as keen to see our Dj swing in the breeze…


Original Messge  From : Josélito – To : WHQ : Subject: : I love your Club

Hello WHQ, I am writing to you a message NOT for complaint, it is for praise only!

I have been now some times in your club.

My friends is tell me it is the real good club in Newcastle, and first time I thought ‘I don’t know, I like to go to bands, bars, night life like that but clubbing not so much.’

But I thought I will give it a go in to be social. And then I realise I DO like clubbing if it done right like this.

The things I liked best is this- big space with not too much people a ram in so space to move and breath!

Lots of space to sit down, chill out chat if you wanting… and best of all, music!

Real funky and danceable, got some quick and lively then some slow and groovey so instead of move so fast all the time. I love that. I heard soul, ska, reggae, funk…

and these all kinds of music I really enjoy. You got the excellent DJs!

One time, I wanted to make a night for soca and related genres, little more contemporary like mid 80s to now or something, because I love this.

But then I realised I am too shy and nervous and also lazy to do a club night I guess. Like I don’t even know how to begin with that, you know I jus like what I like.

So honestly I was delighted to see someone else is playing this music at some special events coming up at WHQ so I can hopefully go along enjoy that…

no work all play for me ha ha, well done to the people more enterprising who make something really special in the nightlife so that we can, they do a better job then i could wish anyways!

Thank you so much for doing what you doing. Josélito


Thanks pal

Original Messge – From : WHQ – To : Josélito : Subject: : I love your Club

Thanks you so much for your kind words!
We are really glad you like the Club. Love & best wishes, WHQ x.