So there you go – Complaint Corner. Highlighting some different angles that people don’t often get to see, on the background, everyday stuff, that goes into running WHQ & keeping it both properly underground & truly independent.

If you’re a mad loon with a complaint, or a sane person with a suggestion – feel free to drop us an e mail.

You can reach us via the ‘Contact’ bit of the menu bar at the top of this page. E mail is always best as we don’t answer the phone, but you can leave us an ansaphone message too, if you really feel you must.

Please don’t expect to speak to us if you ring in though, ‘cos you won’t & please also give an e mail address, as that way we can get straight back to you – To spank your little bottie, if you are just being a bit of a whinging little troll, plumb, or knacker x.