I love your doormen

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Original Message – From: Luke – To: WHQ – Subject: Exhale – Saturday 2nd April

To whom it may concern,

I have been a patron of WHQ for around 2 years now, and I love the atmosphere and the music it offers. Prices are always fair, and it’s rare myself and my friends stay in one venue all night, but with WHQ with its eclectic music selection it’s hard to go anywhere else.

We visited your venue on Saturday to enjoy Exhale and it gives me great pleasure in writing this email as your staff are all amazing, in particular the door staff.

I want to single out the door staff as it is rare to find security who are approachable, easy to speak to, considerate and who do not make you feel on edge. They are an absolute credit to your company and the fact they regularly manage the doors keeps us coming back for more. Please keep them for as long as you can, I’ve been to other clubs where door staff will chuck you out as quick as look at you, and who are just looking for a fight.

I’ve seen a rare occasion where they have had to chuck people out or handle them and I have never seen it done in appropriately and it has never been done where it has disrupted the evening, in fact on Saturday I never noticed security once in the venue, and I’m sure they were there ensuring the safety of its patrons.

They are absolute professionals and I am not hesitant to recommend WHQ to my friends.

Please pass this feedback onto your security, I imagine it’s rare they hear this positive feedback. Keep doing what you’re doing and I have no problem parting with my money.

Thank you and yours for the foreseeable future,



Original Message – From: WHQ  – To: Luke – Subject: Re: Exhale – Saturday 2nd April

Will do Luke,

Thanks for your kind words.

Love Debbie x.

(Reader’s voice: Errr… wrong Debbie..?)