Hang the dj & race to the finish…

Yo my nigger..!

(Editor’s note: I think we can all guess how this is gonna go…)

The grumble…

Original Messge : From : Tracy – To : WHQ Subject : Attn of Ronnie


Just a quick note to say what an interesting venue you have and to give you some feedback.

I don’t go to clubs as a general rule & when I was young I got my musical fix at warehouse & private parties & festivals,

but these days I’m a big fan of R&B as I love the heavy beat.

I was taken to WHQ on Friday by my friends who live in Newcastle. Although we were definitely not your usual clientèle, judging by the fact most of the people there were the same age as my daughter, I still felt quite welcome.

I’ve read up on your website about your history etc. and it’s a really good thing you have going. You have a reasonable entry charge, favourably priced drinks and large, clean, well stocked toilets (important to us girls).

I’ve only one negative comment, the dj in the upstairs room needs to go back. to dj school…


Open fires at the ready..!

Great songs were played but in a real mismatched way. He did not play the crowd, or follow one vibe effortlessly, to bring the audience on a journey. It really didn’t flow.

African music would follow House, Reggae would follow Hip Hop & he interspersed all these genres, with little bits of odd speeches, seeming from the 1960’s..?

I didn’t hear one single record that is currently in the charts.

It was like he was picking obscure records at random, from a bag and because the play list wasn’t planned, or due to lack of dj ability the mixing was nearly always awful.

Some tracks were badly mixed over each other, some just stopped abruptly and another track played. I don’t dance, but I do love to listen to music and watched how the dj got the crowd on the dance floor with one track then emptied it with the next.

When I went & asked him to play the new Kanye West & Jay Z song, he said no, was very rude & abrupt in his manner & said something about MTV & Africa (..?!) which I didn’t hear properly, as the music was playing & he blurted it out so fast.

He then turned his back on me & didn’t listen to what I was saying.

Maybe the dj on that night is not one of your best as it was a Friday night instead of a Saturday, maybe he was a stand in?

Whatever the reason I just felt the need to make you aware that he isn’t playing your paying customers requests, was rude, inept, wasn’t delivering anything like what I expect from a nightclub DJ & is a bad ambassador for your brand.

I hope you find my criticism constructive. Thanks, Tracy. Sent from my iPhone


Actual reality & assistance with opinion…

Original Messge : From : WHQ – To : Tracy : Subject: Attn of Ronnie

Hi Tracy (that doesn’t dance).

Thanks for your very individual take on the diverse selection of music we choose to play in our Club…

We have controlled every aspect of this ‘interesting venue,’ the ‘reasonable entry charge’, ‘favourably priced drinks’ and ‘large, clean, well stocked toilets…

… (important to us girls)’ since day one.

We like to play all genres of music, from all eras, to all people of ages. We think that’s what makes a great night out & the Club the kind of place that we’d want to go & visit.

So it’s no surprise to hear music & see people of all ages here, as that’s what we do & share with all or our regular followers & friends.

Musically, our customers aren’t obliged to like it all & they aren’t expected to be familiar with it all either. Especially if they haven’t been before & lean more toward the charts/musical mainstream.


It’s never been our intention to model WHQ simply on the preconceived ideas of random visitors, the current ‘hit parade,’ or on what any other place, may or may not do, or be motivated by.

This isn’t a ‘customer is always right’ kind of place & we like to think of WHQ as being like a picture hanging on a wall…

It’s on display, but you aren’t forced to look at it…

You can choose to look & enjoy it if you like.

Or you can just turn away if you don’t like it & look at something different instead…

We don’t mind at all.



You don’t however, get to draw on it though Tracy – that’s because it’s not your picture.

As to Dj school..?

Our upstairs weekend Dj’s (lack of) Dj abilities, have built our Club, week in, week out, with him spinning more than 120, 5-6 hour solo shows per year, as well as our Halloween & New Years Eve 8 hour spectaculars, consistently, spanning the last 3 decades.

That same lack of Dj ability, has helped to build WHQ’s reputation & (quite literally) written the long history etc., that you speak of.

So with that in mind, we’ll let him know your thoughts & we’re sure he’ll happily take your negative opinion on his chin, rather than in his balls.

If everyone got the Club on their first visit, he ticked all the mainstream Dj expectation boxes & as a Club, we aimed to simply please the masses..?

WHQ wouldn’t still be here & wouldn’t be thought of as so special by so many people.

Strangely however, despite our ‘inept’ presentation, after all these years, we are still here – stronger than ever & people keep coming back, as we hope even you might one day.

It’s a shame you don’t like our style, but as an Underground Club, we’ve no interest whatsoever in delivering a generic, chart led, plastic Clubbing experience.

As to the Kanye West Jay Z record, we assume you are referring to their current (s)hit song ‘Niggers in Paris..?’

If so, then that may well have elicited a response from him including the words MTV & Africa. Knowing our resident Dj as closely as we do, he isn’t up for white (or black) people coming up to him & using the word Nigger, in any context, ever.

We presume the actual wording of the phrase you missed out on, was something along the lines of…

‘We don’t play music which demeans & objectifies people. I’m not one those MTV Niggers, I’m one of those Africans’. It wouldn’t even surprise us, if he may also have said another couple of words to you… The second of which might just have been – ‘Off’.

At WHQ we have brains under our hair, behind our eyeballs, in between both our lugs… We don’t buy into the current, cable TV promoted, type of misogynistic, ‘my bitches, my niggers’, drug glorifying, ‘look how big my ride is’ nonsense.

We’d rather challenge any type of modern, negative, one dimensional, media representation of successful Black People.

So, just because Jay Z & Kanye West can sell that type of attention grabbing, vacuous waffle to ignorant people, that doesn’t mean that WHQ has to endorse it…

We don’t, we can think for ourselves & we think that the notion that Rap artists who drone on about my ‘niggers’ & ‘my bitches,’ are just ‘keeping it real’, is totally false.

What they are actually doing (with your help), is a lot more than just ‘keeping it real…’

For all the other Black people living in the world, who are not entertainment millionaires, what they are actually doing is – Keeping it Real Slavery.

(Reader’s voice: I take your point, I hadn’t actually thought about it in those terms…)

So, we don’t play or promote that kind of musical nonsense.

Just because a mainstream of daft people (that’s you we are referring to Tracy) may have been fooled by the media, into thinking that all black people are OK with white people coming up to them & saying the word ‘Nigger’ & so think it’s perfectly acceptable – that doesn’t actually make it true…

So now you know & we’d hate to think the motivation for your email & initial praise (utilised to dress up all that ‘constructive criticism’), was really just about you not getting your song (Editor’s note: debatable..?) played by our Dj..?

Thanks for taking the time to get in touch though Tracy, we always like to hear what everyone thinks about our Club & music. Even people who just don’t get it, or just don’t like it, so we’ll be sharing your e mail at this weeks staff meeting.

When you set out to build something as worthwhile, as what we have here at the Club – every little bit of feedback helps, is considered on it’s own merits & pushes us forward.

It would be nice if you came to see us at the Club again Tracy… Do you realise we think that..?

We can’t bear to think of you all alone, holed up in your house every weekend…

Sat there, not dancing, all lonely, twiddling your thumbs with your nigger music turned up all loud. Whilst probably inadvertently wearing, what looks likes a pointed, KKK hood…

…which you purchased from a media mogul you’d never even met, ‘cos you were daft enough to be fooled into thinking it was a Pope’s Hat…?

So please feel free to visit us again. We’ll happily help you learn to dance, get over your age hang up, seriously broaden your musical horizons & do our best to make you feel genuinely happy. Best wishes, WHQ x


How about we think for ourselves & don’t just follow the crowd..?

We don’t know what happened to Tracy… She may have been back to the Club, but it’s more likely, that while watching TV recently, she got the bright idea to stand as a UKIP Candidate in the next election. Not sure how well she’ll do though, as she doesn’t seem like a proper racist.

She’s just one of those people who don’t know any better, think they are blameless & are just drifting, along with the crowd…