Original message – From : Giles  – To : WHQ : Subject : Greetings from Berlin

I’m sitting at 4am staring out at Berlin’s TV tower at my dull but lucrative phone-minding night job (writing to this mailbox cos the whq link doesn’t work…) & GOTTA write after whiling away a good bit of time reading your not-so-potted history.

You won’t know me – used to live opposite Rick, Monkey & the Insecure guys, then played in Pop, Dick & Harry mid-’80’s

(Editors note: Classic 80’s Newcastle student bands)

but I went to most of the venues you mention:

Rockshots, Trent House – “F*ck OFF! Go HOME!!” over Purple Haze at full volume come last orders ? -, Club Afrika, 1st WHQ.

Surprised to see your involvement with Arena & Cornerhouse in my hometown (ever meet a Jane Jorgensen? Tall, loud, unforgettable.)

and blown away by all the righteous actions / daredevilry you’ve initiated. All power to you…and thanks for the memories of a scene I left for London in ’88 and Berlin in ’92.

You will always be there, standing tall in your field…!


Original message – From : WHQ  To : Giles : Subject : Greeting from Berlin.

Cheers Giles, always great to re connect with Old Skool people. Thanks for your kind words. Love WHQ x.