Hey! Gimme what you’ve got

Original message – From : Danny – To : WHQ : Subject : Murals

Hi there, I don’t know which of your highly trained kung fu experts would be best suited to deal with my query as it is a bit unusual.

I was wondering if you could put me in touch with the talented artist who does your wall murals, as i would like to commission them to do some work for me.

Many Thanks, Danny. P.S. I had a great night last night, cheers x.

(Editor’s note – Shaggy Devito..?)


Can’t do it…

Original message – From : WHQ – To : Danny : Subject : Murals


Hi Danny,

It’s no one person in particular that does them. We always ask any art students who apply for jobs at the Club, if they have the skills to do stuff like that. As they want the job, they tend to say yes even if they can’t.

So, over the years, whoever is the best artist working behind the bar in the Club with us at the time, basically gets promoted / persuaded  / forced  / cajoled / into doing murals for us.

(Editor’s note. Hardcore WHQ Crew at the last night of the Trent. A Kung fu expert is on top of the bar, but can you spot the mural painter…?)

We then, effectively keep them prisoner until they paint it & then perform the million tweaks it takes for us to sign off on any mural as complete.

At this point they are all happy that we kept them prisoner all that time, as they leave behind the mural as a permanent reminder of their time working with us.

So the murals have all been created by different people, at different times, all by staff of ours, with no input from any external or ‘professional’ artists.

Our friend currently creating our Curtis Mayfield mural, that we are working on at the moment, has a backlog of new ones we want done & as it takes forever to do them, he isn’t gonna be free to look at anything else for the foreseeable future.

Sorry we can’t be of more help, but thanks for appreciating the art we have created.

Best wishes, WHQ x.