From Hotel Pitch to Hotel chums

The perks

Original Message – From: Melanie – To: WHQ – Subject: Working with The Remaining Anonymous Hotel

Good Afternoon, hope you’re well.

I am just sending a quick email to see if there would be any potential for us working alongside each other over the next year.

We often get large groups of guests check in and enquiring of where to go on nights out in Newcastle.

In the past we have been given cards/wristbands from bars in Newcastle and have received a small commission per one used for staff to have a bar tab or free entry in return for recommending the bar.

Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in.

Warm Regards, Mel.

The principles

Original Message – From: WHQ  – To:  Melanie – Subject: Re: Working with The Remaining Anonymous Hotel

Hi Melanie,

Thanks for getting in touch.

We don’t have any formal arrangements with any outside agencies to recommend us in exchange for perks / bribes /reward.

At WHQ we are really the opposite of that type of thing…

We prefer to be recommended just because what we do is good.

Thanks again for your enquiry though & for thinking of us.

Best wishes, Debbie x.


The new chums

Original Message – From:  Melanie – To: WHQ – Subject: Re: Working with The Remaining Anonymous Hotel

Hi Debbie,

Thanks so much for your prompt response. 

That’s fine I understand and we will certainly continue to recommend as we are big fans of WHQ.

Take care, Warm Regards, Mel.

Original Message – From: WHQ  – To: Melanie – Subject: Re: Working with The Remaining Anonymous Hotel

Thanks Melanie,

If you & your girls ever fancy a night out, feel free to drop me a mail & as long as we are not sold out, I’ll get our resident DJ to pop you down as his guests x.

(Editor’s note: Just like this guy, but still alive & without the first name…)