Cave painting

The pitch

Original Message – From: Michelle – To: WHQ – Subject: New submission from Contact Us

Dear WHQ,

This may sound an odd request which you may or may not have had before! I am emailing on behalf of two of us , myself and Janet.

We are two Fine art students in our second year of study at Newcastle University and we are both regular visitors!

We love the ethos of your venue in that everyone is equal and it certainly is the most friendly and enjoyable atmosphere of all the venues in Newcastle.

We feel we could make some great work to go on your walls or to fill a space/room in your venue! I don’t know if this is the sort of thing you are interested in but it would be great to have your thoughts on it!

Best wishes and thanks for your time! 🙂


The way we roll at WHQ

Original Message – From: WHQ  – To: Michelle  – Subject: New submission from Contact Us

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for getting in touch & your kind words & offer.

All the various artworks in the Club are always created by staff members who work here, like on the bar, door, cleaners etc.

We never bring in people from outside the current staff team to do paintings, or commission them, as we want all the art to have a real authenticity, to it, by growing outwards from inside our team.

It’s kinda like a cave in pre historic times….

Members of a certain tribe would draw & paint pictures of animals they hunted & things they revered on the walls of their cave.

It’s the same here, just the 21st century. Exactly the same human thing & it connects us to the past.

So, in keeping with that idea, it’s always gotta be existing staff, or ‘tribe members’ if you like, that do the murals in the Club.

Eventually we intend to cover the entire place in artworks, all painted directly to the walls.

Kinda like a tattooed living body, with artworks added slowly over the years.

So even though we bet your work would be great, we have to decline your kind offer…

Unless of course you end up working here, in which case we’ll happily bite your hand off & make your life hell for several weeks…

(Editors note: Bollocks, it always, always takes months, as they’re never happy till they’ve tweaked it a million times)

…while we get the degree of perfection we always chase..!

Thanks for thinking of us & getting in touch.

Love WHQ x.

(Editor’s note: To further illustrate the point I made earlier, here we see the remains of both Teal Griffin – Charles Darwin & Mara murals & Sinead Pollard – Public Enemy, David Attenborough, Chic.

They haven’t quite worked Joey Cutts to death yet – Curtis Mayfield & Strong Women murals. But, I have no doubt they will, once he returns from living in a van to hide from them all Summer….)