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Original message – From : Olivia Pratt – To : WHQ : Subject : Quick web query for welovewhq.com


I am emailing you today to ask if you would be interested in accepting a sponsored article for your site? I am running a campaign for one of my clients, Bedstar, an online store selling beds & would be grateful if I could publish an article on your website.

The article will be lifestyle focused.

Could you please let me know if you would be interested? Looking forward to hearing back from you. Kind regards, Olivia Prat.


Original message – From : WHQ – To : Olivia Pratt : Subject : Re: Quick web query for welovewhq.com

Hi Olivia, It’s not for us thanks. We are an Underground Club & like to stay independent, only using our site to let our friends know about what we are up to.

The notion of accepting external sponsorship is the polar opposite of what our Club stands for & we aren’t interested in using our site to raise revenue, or promote things that are not anything to do with us.

We only ever highlight stuff we know & like & it’s that that keeps us special. So sorry we can’t be of more help, Love WHQ x.

PS. On top of all that, we want people out dancing… Not tucked up, all snug in the kip..! x