A Cloakroom disgrace…

A little touch of Pr…

Here’s a fairly standard, self explanatory spatter of tripe, relating to putting your coat in…

Original Message –
From: Paul  – To: WHQ – Subject: Sunday night

The women who was working behind the cloak room was a disgrace last night.

Not letting me collect a jacket which I placed in the cloak room when I was leaving & she told me I’d have to wait another hour & a half.

Due to this I now don’t have my jacket. Cheers !


Original Message – From: WHQ  – To: Paul – Subject: Re: Sunday night

Hi Paul, had you lost your ticket or something..?


Original Message – From: Paul  – To: WHQ – Subject: Re: Sunday night

yeah I had, I described my jacket to her and she knew exactly which one it was but still refused to get it

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Original Message – From: WHQ  – To: Paul – Subject: Re: Sunday night

Yeah Paul, that’s her job.

E mailing in like a prick blaming her for your own ineptitude in losing your ticket is a bit silly.

Calling her a disgrace..? Are you stupid or something..?

Then deal is we look after your coat & you look after the ticket. We give you it in exchange for your coat.

If you lose it that is your fault & e mailing in to make a twat of yourself won’t help you one bit.

She didn’t lose your ticket, you did.

We don’t just give coats out without a ticket, even if people claim to be able to identify what’s in  the pockets or whatever.

We give them out in exchange for the ticket, as agreed.

We deal with thousands of coats etc. & some people try to hustle us, putting coats in, claiming to have lost tickets & trying to claim items without them.

Then someone else turns up with the ticket & we get shaken down.

That’s why we enforce the no tickets no coat policy so firmly & clearly, as we have to keep our customers stuff safe & be sure it goes back to the right people.

You are not special, you are just the same as everyone else who comes here. Everyone is equal in WHQ & the rules we have in place apply to you too mate.

You don’t get to be an exception denying all personal responsibility, blaming everyone else for your daftness, e mailing us poorly judged piffle & disrespecting our staff team.

So if you had to wait as you lost your ticket or whatever that’s your fault not ours.

So wind your neck in & don’t come over all spoilt child, blaming everyone else for your own stupidity.

We are a nightclub, not your Mam. Love WHQ x


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