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The Groove of our site

Hi Everyone, & welcome to the all new, far out WHQ website x.

This site is really easy to get around & you’ll be amazed at all the mad stuff you’ll find – Honestly, it’s properly bananas..!

The pages (tiles) run in order & across the whole site, all links: are blue.

Normal text is: black, The Reader’s voice: is red & Editor’s notes & insertions: are grey.

It’s a massive body of work, full of mad stories, dope images & funny, interesting stuff about what we at WHQ get up to today & got up to way back in the day…

If you are currently reading a good book, put it down now – as we promise that we have a much better one for you right here, in the pages of this site.

All pictures shown on this site are captioned with smirk, giggle & (in certain cases) guffaw-inducing rollovers & which are easier to read on your lap/desktop.

It’s fully optimised so that on a smartphone if you just press the pic & hold, the caption will appear.

If you can’t be chewed with that no worries, this site is still a proper belter when seen on a phone, even without the picture captions.

WHQ Club is totally separate from the rest of the city & do our own unique, racially harmonic thing, in the same friendly way we have for decades.

We’re independent & can say what we like, so this site is bursting with amazing stories, quality shows, gossip & fully optimised, so mad easy to snoop about. Thanks for visiting us.

As you’ll see, this is what we have chosen to do with our lives – so we hope you’ll fall in love with World HQ Club.

We built it right here, especially for you, in the hope that you would… x

As we stand on the shoulders & in the light of all the great musicians, artists, inspirational human beings & pillars of nature, that we as a Club represent…

Every single word you will read on this site is true.


All about this groove

We aim to give you a window into the life of the city’s best Club & an underground Newcastle, much of which you may well never have known even existed…

We update our site regularly with details of all our antics & cool things to look at & read.

It’s also the first place we announce all our upcoming, independently promoted Clubnights, fashion shows, A-list events, art exhibitions & any other mad stuff we think is interesting, fun & worth a peek.

Be sure to check out Stuff We Like & get an good idea of the things we are into, so you can get to know us better.

We are pleased to see your (monkey) face & we are very glad you dropped by. We hope you like our far out website & cute little Club.

We really hope you check out the rest of our site’s pages too & that you enjoy your visit.

If you are maybe interested in knowing the reasons why & how we created WHQ & what this Club means to Newcastle..? Get your mind blown by checking out the complete World HQ story, in our History section in the top menu.

It’s a top, top narrative of the life & times of a Club & unique, underground subculture, spanning across the last 4 decades in Newcastle.

There is a lot of far-out content on this site, all of it super easy to find and read. Do feel free to have a good mooch about & see how we’ve got on, in our never ending, obsessive quest to make a difference, by turning people on & adding lasting value & diversity to nightlife in Newcastle.


Is it rocket Science..?

No, large bits of it are just funny (Reader’s voice: are you sure..?!) & daft, like our Complaint Corner section.

All of our pages will give you real insight into what we are are motivated by & how the Club came to exist in the first place. Clearly presenting just why we choose to do what we do, the way that we do, with people like you.

There are quality belly laughs in places too & it’s really interesting & a fab little, enlightening, mad read.

Ok, You ready…?

You may think that you know Newcastle, but things are not always what they seem…

(Readers voice: Jesus! It’s not all gonna be like that is it..?!!)

(Editor’s note: Shush – Quiet, we’re just getting started…)

Who we are…

Basically the deal with us is, we’ve run Clubs up here longer than anyone else & have stayed completely independent, evolving outside of & parallel to, what most people perceive to be the Newcastle ’scene’.

As we take pleasure in demonstrating, World Headquarters in every sense & on every level – is nothing like any other place in this City.

We use the established media as little as possible, existing on word of mouth, recommendation & just being generally friendly, positive & consistent in our things.

We operate firmly outside of the corporate mainstream, in terms of both our music, all the diverse & different events we promote at World Headquarters Club & the cutting edge arts projects our building facilitates.

To find out more about WHQ Club or Hiring the Venue click the menu & find out all about our fantastic weekends, top notch coming events & our unique, spiritually uplifting groove too.

As we’ve mentioned, hitting the History tag, will give you all the background to exactly how & why, we’ve worked so hard to build & evolve a girl friendly, all inclusive, credible & cosmopolitan alternative to Newcastle’s stereotyped, macho, cod nightlife, out of 80’s boredom, a strong desire for racial harmony, hard work & a big box of fab records.

Have a nice visit, take time to go deep & thanks again, for thinking of us & popping in to see all our mad things. Almost forgot..! So you can recognise us, here’s our most recent staff photo…

All text on this site is copyright WHQ 2017. Please don’t plagiarise, or copy any of our text or any aspect of our site without our written consent. Try copying Mickey Mouse instead & see where that gets you..?

Now, let’s push the little green arrow & find out what’s up with this cute little World HQ thing…